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Welcome to Dolo Investigations, where we redefine excellence as North America’s premier Gold Seal-endorsed Private Investigators. With a wealth of experience in private investigations, surveillance, executive protection, corporate security, polygraph testing, background checks, cyber security, and risk mitigation, we are your trusted partners in safeguarding your interests.

What sets us apart is our unwavering commitment to excellence. We go beyond the surface, delving deep into the digital realm, employing advanced methodologies and cutting-edge technologies to protect your assets with thoroughness and precision.

As a boutique firm, we specialize in delivering personalized attention, tailoring bespoke solutions to address the unique challenges of each assignment. We approach even the most intricate tasks with the confidence that comes from our years of expertise. Our services extend across Canada and the USA.

Our comprehensive range of services includes:

  • Surveillance
  • Corporate Investigations
  • Risk Mitigation
  • Asset Investigations
  • Elder Abuse
  • Asset Theft
  • Executive & VIP Close Protection
  • Lie Detector / Polygraph Tests
  • Cyber Research
  • Background Checks
  • Labour Disputes
  • Celebrity and VIP Defense Assistance with False Claims

Your security is our paramount concern. We shield your assets and reputation with an unwavering commitment to confidentiality. Embrace the certainty of risk mitigation. Choose Dolo Investigations today to experience true expertise in safeguarding what matters most to you.

our services

Dolo Investigations has a wide range of experience and expertise in handling all your investigative needs. We will provide you with a straightforward assessment and recommend a thorough course of action.


Your case is time-sensitive and potentially unpredictable. The Dolo team of highly trained private investigators are well equipped to handle any task reliably and professionally. This keeps you safe during an investigation and avoids the leaking of information or even legal mishaps and missteps.

Dolo Investigators offer surveillance services, providing accurate, honest, and timely results. Their highly qualified team uses the latest technology and available resources to observe and monitor individuals or groups, gathering the evidence you need.

With our security team having prior government and military training, we offer professional and expert close protection services for executives. Whether it’s for corporate, business, or personal needs, domestic or international, short-term or long-term, we guarantee safety and security during transit and at the destination.

We offer reliable and confidential polygraph testing services. Our experienced examiners use state-of-the-art technology to assess truthfulness by measuring physiological responses. Polygraph testing is available for various purposes, such as pre-employment screenings, criminal investigations, and personal inquiries.

Our comprehensive cyber security and background check solutions protect your business. Our cutting-edge technology and skilled professionals ensure robust protection for your data and systems. With reliable background checks, we help you make informed decisions in hiring and partnerships. Contact us for tailored solutions and expert assistance.

The Dolo Investigations team are experts in identifying potential security risks and providing customized corporate security risk mitigation services.

We will ascertain any potential threat, evaluate, and develop a plan to mitigate the issue. Our action will minimize and reduce the threat to ensure a positive and desirable outcome.

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