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In 1993, Thomas made a decisive transition from the realm of Law Enforcement to the field of Private Investigation, successfully establishing one of Canada’s preeminent Private Investigator firms. Following a trajectory of remarkable achievements, he orchestrated a strategic merger with another distinguished firm, thus culminating in the formation of a prominent organization specializing in Risk Management, Surveillance, and Investigations, of considerable magnitude.

Tom’s illustrious career in the domains of security and investigations distinguishes him as an entrepreneur of unparalleled acumen, displaying an unwavering commitment to relentless progress. In the year 2020, he embarked upon a new and notable venture, unveiling Dolo Investigations, which has garnered notable triumphs within a remarkably short span.

Drawing from a wealth of experience garnered during his tenure with the esteemed RCMP and Vancouver Police, Tom has had the privilege of serving in various distinguished divisions, including investigation, fraud, VIP security, and undercover covert operations, thereby attaining invaluable expertise.

Imbuing his business endeavors with a discerning focus on risk mitigation techniques, Tom orchestrated the establishment of this boutique private investigation group, adroitly assembling a cadre of accomplished private investigators. This exceptional team comprises the most seasoned investigators in Canada, boasting a cumulative experience exceeding a century within both the public and private sectors of security, investigations, and surveillance. Tom personally assures clients that his handpicked investigators shall offer bespoke, one-on-one assistance, guaranteeing resounding success in resolving any given predicament.

Presently assuming the esteemed role of Director within the esteemed British Columbia Professional Investigators Association (PIABC), Tom has previously held several distinguished positions, including Director, Vice President, and President, further attesting to his unwavering commitment to excellence.

Throughout the course of his illustrious career, Tom has forged synergistic partnerships with numerous eminent Police Chiefs across Canada, the revered RCMP, as well as various municipal departments, harmoniously integrating the Private Investigation industry within a multitude of pivotal law enforcement support roles. Of particular note is his collaborative work alongside the highly esteemed Integrated Homicide Investigation Team (IHIT), wherein members of Tom’s proficient team attended to the meticulous securing of crime scenes throughout British Columbia, leaving an indelible mark of distinction.

Tom, alongside his distinguished Dolo Investigations team, ardently looks forward to cultivating enduring bonds of trust and confidence with both esteemed existing clientele and prospective future associates. Their collective objective lies in the steadfast pursuit of building mutually beneficial, long-term associations firmly grounded upon the pillars of trust, reliability, and unswerving professionalism.

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